Rebuild the Mill

Wilhoite Mill

Rebuild the Mill

Henry Horton State Park is located along the shores of the ecologically and historically significant Duck River, and sits on a sight that was once a community surrounding a water powered grist mill, the Wilhoite Mill.  The history of the park lands include a Cherokee Native American ceremonial ground, Andrew Jackson, The Civil War, the Fishing Ford Community, the Wilhoite Mill and Homestead, Governor Henry Horton, and the wonderful Duck River.  The story of the park lands and the story of the Duck River is not being told yet.

Our vision is to see the Wilhoite Mill rebuilt.

Due to the environmental protections afforded the Duck River and the logistics of location, we cannot build a working replica of the mill.  What we are planning to build is a re-creation of the historic grist mill that will be used as a museum to tell the story not just of Henry Horton State Park, but the special story of the Duck River as a whole.

Join us in working to raise funds for the Rebuild the Mill campaign!  

Over the upcoming years we will be holding a number of fundraisers, membership drives, and volunteer work days to help turn this vision into a reality and bring something amazing and wonderful to Henry Horton State Park, Marshall County, and the State of Tennessee!  You can donate using the “Donate” button on the right side of your page or join The Friends of Henry Horton by filling out this form and sending it in to us with your membership fees.  Once you join you will be able to attend our meetings, have input on the direction of our projects, help with fund raising efforts, and will become a part of an amazing project that will change the face of our community forever!