Duck River Education Program

Duck River Watershed Education and Action Project

The Duck River Watershed Education and Action Project is an experiential curriculum designed to educate and engage students and citizens about watershed issues, the value of parks and recreation, and how today’s youth can positively impact communities. A collaborative effort between the Friends of Henry Horton State Park and the Tennessee Environmental Council, the project involved hands-on biodiversity training, as well as opportunities to better understand our role as active citizens to better the environment, economy and quality of life.

Over 130 Chapel Hill Elementary fifth grade students participated in the project in 2011-12. Tasks included stream-bank observation and collection of samples from the Duck River.  The students then analyzed the data, formed conclusions, and proposed and implemented actions to enhance streamside habitat such as planting trees to increase the riparian buffer. The project’s innovative design bridges the gap between classroom studies and applicable field work and engages students and leaders through observation, identifying opportunities for enhancement and proposing solutions.


This project is funded entirely from donations to the Friends of Henry Horton State Park and is an ongoing yearly commitment to the 5th grade classes at Chapel Hill Elementary School near Henry Horton State Park.

These are pictures of the 5th graders planting for the Duck River Ed program.