Letter to Govenor Haslam

Good morning,

I am working to add an appropriation amendment to Governor Haslam’s budget to add $6 million dollars to fund the renovation of the Inn at Henry Horton Park. I am urging you to email Gov. Haslam’s Chief of Staff, Jim Henry, and Deputy Chief of Staff, Jennifer Pfeiffer to let them know what is at stake if the Inn is torn down and not rebuilt. I’ve included their email addresses so you can personally reach out to them.



I’ve included a letter template that you can use to send to Mr. Henry & Ms. Pfeiffer. Please include your name on the letter.

Please send this as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Rick Tillis

State Representative

92nd District


301 6th Avenue North

209 War Memorial Bldg.

Nashville, TN 37243


Click this link for letter template:

Letter to Gov Haslam Henry Horton